About the Studio


little Think BIG is a little art studio with a big heart.

It's a space where kids of all ages can freely immerse themselves in the process of creating.

It's designed for the kids who love art, the kids who are just discovering it, the kids who love to experiment, the kids with big imaginations, the kids with a need to create.

With the aim of inspiring exploration and imagination, the studio is filled with an abundance of materials for children to create with. They can choose their supplies, take a seat at the crafting table and create away at their own pace.

At little Think Big, it’s all about the process, rather than the end product.

Creativity, in all its messy glory, is celebrated here.

The aim of little Think BIG is to give you and your child a space to enjoy some creative time together without worrying about the mess, as so many of us do do at home.

little Think BIG is all about giving young children the opportunity & freedom to express themselves creatively.

About Anna

Hi! I’m Anna. Owner of little Think Big. Lover of sunshine, fresh air, hearty belly laughs and coffee (all the coffee). I’m a city girl, married to a country boy, now living in the wonderful town of Kyneton, Victoria. I’m the mama of two young, art-loving, girls. And I’m also a neat freak.

I’m a big believer in giving kids as many opportunities as possible to explore, experiment and make decisions. But I quickly realised that when it comes to kids & art, the word “neat” is rarely part of the equation. And I also discovered that I don’t think it should be. I loved watching my kids unleash their creative spirit, but I struggled with the mess in my house.

And so the idea for little Think Big was born. A place where kids can freely create and their grown-ups can enjoy watching that process, rather than worrying about the mess.

Since opening the door to my little studio in 2017, almost every adult has walked in with a look of sheer relief/joy on their face and spoken of wanting to give their child more creative opportunities but finding the mess factor too difficult.

Clearly, I’m not alone!

My hope is that the studio gives kids a space to create and to enjoy the endless opportunities to explore, experiment & problem solve. All whilst knowing that a little mess is just part of the process, rather than a problem.

So come along with your child, and your coffee, enjoy some creative time together and leave the clean up to me!

See you soon!